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The Top 10 Weird Golf Swings you’ll Ever See.

There are a lot of weird golf swings out there. Some people say that the weirder the swing, the better the player. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I do know that some of the weirdest swings can be pretty entertaining to watch. So if you’re ever feeling bored on the golf course, keep an eye out for some of the weirdest swings out there.

For good reason, golf is one of the world’s most popular sports. The game is relatively easy and can be played by anyone with a good swing and some determination.

From the way you hold your club to the way you hit the ball, there are a wide variety of things you can do to improve your game. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at the top 10 weirdest golf swings you’ll ever see. From bizarre back-handed techniques to innovative unconventional swings.

weird golf swings

Top 10 Weirdest Golf Swings:

1. The “V” Swing: This unusual swing is most commonly seen by golfers with a low handicap. A player brings the club back like they were going to hit a ground ball, but instead swings it up and over their head, slicing the ball towards the green.

2. The “Walking Dead” Swing: This unorthodox swing is very similar to the V swing, but instead of bringing the club back down to the ground, the golfer swings it upwards and backward like a zombie walking.

3. The “Throwing Cup” Swing: This bizarre swing is performed by putting your hands behind your back, then swinging the club forward and above your head like you were throwing a cup.

4. The “Tennis Ball” Swing: Similar to the Walking Dead swing, this peculiar golf swing involves swinging the club up and backward like you would if you were hitting a tennis ball.

5. The “Duck Shot” Swing: Also called the “Swimming Pool Deck Shot,” this strange golf swing involves bringing the club down below your body before swinging it upwards like you were taking a shot at a swimming pool from an elevated platform.

6. The “Butterfly Shot” Swing: Similar to the Duck Shot, this golf swing involves lowering the club below your body before swinging it upwards in an arc towards the green.

7. A “HammerShot” swing is performed by bringing the club down below your body and swinging it upward direction.

8. The “Vault Swing”: Similar to the HammerShot, this golf swing involves swinging the club downwards and away from your body before bringing it back up and over your head.

9. The “Tennis Ball” Shot Again: This time, the golfer swings the club backward and sideways like they are hitting a tennis ball with a mallet.

10. The “Juggling Golf Balls” Swing: This unusual golf swing is performed by juggling two golf balls before swinging the club towards the green.

5 Weirdest Golf Shots You’ll Ever See:

Here are the top 5 weird golf swings you’ll ever see:

1. The Wobble Shot: This shot is achieved by hitting the ball low to the ground and then using your hips to help it travel further.

2. Foot-in-the-Air Shot: To make this shot, you must loft the ball up into the sky and then hit it with all of your power.

3. Helicopter Shot: Hit the ball so hard that it jumps out of bounds, often going 150 yards high!

4. The Underhanded Golf Swing: For this swing, you need to hold the club at an angle so that it’s resting under your arm on top of your hand.

5. The Forehand Swinging Golf Club: Many people think this swing is more difficult than a standard forehand, but it can be quite effective.

Benefits of Weird Golf swings:

There are a few benefits to playing with a weird golf swing. For one, it can help you make more consistent shots. A weird golf swing is less predictable for your opponents, which can give you an advantage on the course. Additionally, a weird golf swing can put more power into your shots, giving you a chance of hitting the ball far.


If you’ve been playing golf, you’ve probably seen your fair share of strange golf swings. While there’s no surefire way to predict a great golf swing (some golfers don’t even have one), it’s been our experience that golfers who have a repeatable swing tend to do better than those who don’t. It’s the same with fishing. The more you can repeat a cast, the more consistent you’ll be with the results. But it takes time and practice to get there. It’s the same with golf, and sometimes it’s easier to learn by watching.

We hope you enjoyed our article about weird golf swings. With this knowledge, we know that you can continue to be a fan of golf and have fun with it, no matter what kind of swing you have! So what are you waiting for? Get out there on the green and enjoy yourself!

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